Welcome to My World

Create Something is my hobby, I always make a thing in around be different, from nothing like a shadow to be something special like you, yes it's you :P

Based my Eternal Dream to Conquer the World, I always try to all method in Digital World. Cause I sure that Information Technology is a Digital Spell that can make something normal to be spectacular.

What Spell I Create

Wanna make your real world to be digital and simple? Let's make a website for all your need, I will give you something cool in digital world.

Website Development

Change your bored style to Cool style for the Next Evolution with my Design, and Feel the New World in Your Life.

Graphic Design

Make your traditional style for work and life to be easy with High Tecnology in Programming for your PC and Mobile usage.

Application Development
  • Name: Sendy PK
  • Birth: 23rd August
  • Email: hai@spk.my.id
  • Address: Bekasi Planet, side of Hell
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My Code is My Life
My Code is My Life